At RhinoWeb we take great pride in our Post Development Client Support. Lets face it, your investment in your Web-based business is not book you are buying. At the absolute least it is a live document with supporting software sitting on top of a platform and displayed on devices that are constantly changing in specs and capabilities. Keeping your site up to date and running smoothly is an ongoing cost.

This is why we offer our qualifying clients low cost post development support and maintenance plans. Think of it as pre-purchasing a block of Priority Support Hours at a discount rate. These hours usually start as additional Training & Consultations for you and your staff, then evolve to Site Updates and Maintenance.

They help you to meet the challenge of ongoing web-based software maintenance and support with a range of services custom designed to substantially lower your maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels.

Talk to your Lead Developer, Today. Together you will create a plan that fits both your site needs and operating budget