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The Undeniable Value of Clear Mission and Vision Statements

There’s been a lot of hating on mission statements and vision statements over the last decade. And some of it’s warranted. However, the idea that you can create a successful brand, or a successful business, without knowing some semblance of these “ugly step children” is a bit

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Defining a Mission and Vision for Your Startup

When we say “startups,” we think about bootstrapped, edgy, adaptive, and agile cultures that don’t get caught up in the way things have always been done…and don’t really want to. That frequently means they look at “strategy” like the plague and written plans as nothing more thanRead On

Understanding Brand Identity

Understanding Brand Identity
What is a Brand? And how is it different from a logo? No, it’s not a stupid or simple question. Many Web Design and Development and agencies seem to be confused about this critical distinction, so I’m not surprised when we meet clients that are confused. Often when clientsRead On


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