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Improve Your SERP Position: Why Google Ranking Matters

Ranking high on Google’s search engine results page is one of the most important things a business can do…and it means greater success. Put simply, if you don’t register high on a Google page rank, you just won’t get the traffic your site deserves. Here we will explore which search results positions get the most traffic, how web traffic and conversions have a direct correlation to each other and more, in an attempt to take you into a world we have exemplary experience in: SERP positioning.

Perhaps most important to understand is that just ranking for a keyword on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that you are getting the most out of it – the real competition lies within what position you are “ranking.” Software such as Free Keyword Monitor and Keyword Position Checkers can actually check what position you are ranking, and even help improve on it.

But at the end of the day, SEO rules and if you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, you are more than likely getting little to no traffic.

Quick Ways to Improve Your Search Result Page Position (SERP)

1. Write Guest Posts at a High Authority Blog

This is the best way to get a high value “backlink” which is worth many low-quality ones – and quick backlinks. You can also utilize it to direct to landing pages, which will gain readers and send some “Google love” to all the linked posts.

2. Interlink Posts in the Same Category

Linking to older posts and editing older posts to link to new ones not only improves readability but the way the “Google juice” flows all over your site…and this eventually helps to gain higher SERPs.

3. Edit Old Blog Posts

While covered briefly above, one of our favorite ways to improve keyword ranking on an existing page is to improve the content. Though we have said this countless times before, keyword density and keyword optimization are incredible avenues to travel down when considering better SERPs; it’s all about adding more content value and quality links to the page you’re looking to improve in search engine results.

Why “SERP” is the Most Important Internet Acronym for Your Business

SERPBelieve it or not, SERP is an aspect of online marketing that can make or break your campaign. As “marketing through searching” continually entrenches itself as the dominant medium for online success, it has become ever-more vital that you are able to:

• Identify the Importance of a SERP
• Act on that knowledge

Because ranking your site in the proper position will be the difference between success and failure in your search marketing campaigns, consider the following insights:

• 68-percent of searchers select a result on the first page of search results.
• There exists a disproportionate number of clicks – approximately 40-percent – on the number-one listing.
• Reaching the first page in paid search is equally vital.

Put succinctly: Most people click on the first page and most of THOSE people click on earlier results. The higher your search engine results page ranking, the more traffic you will experience…plain and simple.

So getting proper placement on search results pages is crucial…but the key questions remain to be answered: How do you improve Google rankings wisely? Which SERPs do you improve? And, finally, how do you go about doing this?

How to Improve Google Ranking

Below are some SEO score tactics we have gone into detail about in past blogs, but which are very much worth re-examining due to their importance within the website conversions landscape.

• Research Keywords – You first need to learn which search engine keywords will drive traffic and actual business.

• Organize/Group the Keywords – You then must create a “logical hierarchy” for these keywords as well as an effective information architecture for SEO, along with tight Ad Groups and well-organized ad campaigns for PPC.

• Manage Your SEO Workflow – You need to be able to determine which areas provide you the best return on your time and resources invested; in so doing, ensure that you are not spending months building out an SEO campaign to a set of keywords that won’t convert for YOU and your business.

• Manage Your PPC Workflow – Working much in the same way that SEO workflow does, you need to prioritize which Ad Groups and campaigns are deemed worth the effort developing landing pages for.

• Act on the Analytics – You then need to DO SOMETHING with all this keyword data and prioritization, and this encompasses getting your hands dirty with some good web copy, ad campaigns and other tactics that actually achieve the SERPs you are pursuing.

• Observe the Results and Repeat – Finally, you need to develop processes for improving upon the results you’ve generated as well as to automate certain aspects of your campaigns; along with this comes ensuring that you are continuously searching for new keywords and that you are equipped with the tools to perpetually build on this initial SERP “improvement to-do list.”

improve your serp position google ranking

Being that we just mentioned keywords, let’s take a look at Google’s ranking factors and how they correlate to SERP…

Google uses about 200 ranking factors – some are proven, some are controversial amongst marketing professionals and others are “SEO nerd speculation” as many in the industry call it. Here are some of the top ones worth discussing:

• Domain Age

• Keyword Appearance in Top Level Domain – Having YOUR keyword in the domain acts as a relevancy signal.

• Keyword Listed as First Word in Domain – Many search engine ranking professionals agree that a domain which starts with the target keyword has an edge over sites that either don’t have the keyword in their domain, or have the keyword in the middle of the end of their domain.

• Domain History – A site with a somewhat “unstable” ownership may tell Google to “reset” the site’s history, thus negating the links pointing to the domain.

• Exact Match Domain – EMDs may still give you an edge – if you’re running a quality site. If the EMD happens to be connected to a site of low quality, it will find itself vulnerable to the “EMD update,” which translates to a Google “algo change” that reduces low-quality “exact-match” domains in search results.

How MVMG Fits Into the Picture

Web marketing and SEO services shouldn’t be elements left to just any so-called “marketing gurus” – these approaches can be crucial to your business and its online future, and as such should be taken seriously. When it comes to improving website rankings, SERP tactics and Search Engine Optimization campaigns, Florida’s Multiverse Media Group represents a one-stop-shop for all your virtual marketing needs.

Whether business-to-consumer or business-to-business, Multiverse helps you CREATE CONNECTION with a full suite of marketing and visibility solutions. Through full-service packages that give you the leading edge over your competition, you will see your exposure increase and your search results rankings skyrocket. As a driven marketing agency, we focus on website marketing strategies that get you exposure, gain traffic, increase conversion rates, achieve greater ROI and generate more sales.

Think about it: Why else would you want a website?

In this media-savvy, everything-in-a-minute world, the only way to connect is through advanced digital communications…and our transparent, proven practices maximize your exposure, solidify and grow your customer base and ultimately help you increase profits, sales and revenues.

A sample of the expertise muscle Multiverse flexes on a regular basis for our roster of clients includes:

• On-Page Optimization
• Video Marketing
• Press Releases
• Lead Capture
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Online Lead Generation


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