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Creating Content Driven Websites – Step 1

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Define the Goals for your Website

The first, and most important part of creating an effective website, is to establish realistic goals of what you want to achieve. Think about why you want the website in the first place. Some reasons might be:

  • Providing an Introduction to your Company or Organization with a “Digital Brochure” website
  • Supporting your Sales-Related efforts with Product Information or Shopping Cart
  • Disseminating Information to your Target Audience / Constituents
  • Taking Donations / Selling Merchandise or Service
  • Promoting your Events / Activities
  • Managing your Booking Schedule and your Customer Appointments
  • Getting Customer/Client Feedback

Don’t take this preparatory process lightly—it isn’t easy to do. Often, there are competing interests, and many day-to-day activities to keep you distracted from concentrating on the big picture. You may want the assistance of a business or strategy consultant, copywriter or website producer.

If you are pleased with the direction in which your site preparations are going, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Organize your Content->


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